Daniele Robson




Covid 19 Business Policy

Infection Prevention & Control Policy

This policy has been produced in accordance with Government, AoR and CNHC Covid-19 secure guidelines to working. It is subject to updates when appropriate. I remain confident that, even with the adaptations I have made to the delivery of my service, you will still benefit from Reflexology, Reiki, Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy.

I will do everything possible to ensure you are comfortable. Your co-operation in controlling the spread of Covid-19 is much appreciated. Welcome to the “new normal”.

Preparing To Work With New Clients

Wherever possible, my aim is to carry out all initial consultations with new clients by telephone, before your first appointment. This is to reduce the length of time that these in depth initial consultations normally take face to face. Initial and ongoing consultations are key to a mutually agreed treatment plan, so that you can get the most out of your first visit and any follow up visits.

Checking Covid-19 Risk Factors Before Appointments

24 hours before every appointment booked, I will need to contact you by phone to check whether you, or anyone in your family and/or support bubble, are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 e.g. high temperature, continuous cough, change in, or loss of, sense of smell and/or taste. This is to clarify whether it is appropriate to go ahead with the appointment at the scheduled time.

Cancellation Policy

If you or anyone in your household and/or support bubble is feeling unwell or has symptoms of cold/flu or Covid19, have tested positive for Covid19 or have been contacted by “Test and Trace” and advised to isolate for 10-14 days, you must cancel your appointment, even at the last minute. The same rule applies to me as your Practitioner.

Whilst a late cancellation fee is NOT applicable during these unprecedented times, it is important that you do cancel rather than just not show.

Face Masks / Face Coverings

Wearing a Type II face mask (and visor where appropriate) is mandatory in law for Practitioners whilst providing close contact therapies. Clients must also wear a face covering before entering the premises, and throughout their appointment, with the exception of children under 11 years old. Rest assured that I will always ensure your comfort at all times.

Infection Control / Payment Arrangements

Hand sanitiser (70% alcohol content) is available for your use, as is hand washing facilities before and after your treatment. Paper towels are also available for single use and easy disposal.

A container is provided for you to place your clothes (if applicable) and personal items during your treatment.

Where possible, please only pay for therapies by debit/credit card via my card reader with its contactless option.

I allow sufficient time between clients for thorough cleaning and ventilation of the therapy suite. This includes cleaning of all hard surfaces such as door handles, hand washing and toilet facilities. Towels and other soft items used are changed between clients (washing is carried out at 60 degrees). For this reason, please do not arrive earlier than your scheduled appointment time and do let me know if you are running late so that I can manage clients’ arrival times.